About Me

It all started after an accident.

I grew up liking movies, but had no interest in making them. That changed in 2013 when I broke my back in a snowboarding accident and was left with three months of free time, an intense gratitude for still being able to walk, and a giant back brace with a Batman sticker slapped on the front. My dad got it for me for motivation; if Bruce Wayne could overcome his injury, so could I.

So, rather than stew in my depression and mope around for a few months, I tried to take advantage of the time I had. I practiced guitar, learned to throw cards, and watched movies. A lot of them. And the behind-the-scenes for each of them. Then, suddenly, during the BTS for The Two Towers, it hit me: I want to learn how to make movies.

I spent every day for those three months on the Internet learning all I could about cameras, video, photography, and editing. When I was finally free from the confines of my back brace, I bought my first camera and started applying all I had learned up to that point. 

I moved to Sacramento for school, shot wedding videos for a few years to pay for it, and moved to Santa Cruz in 2017. Growing up in a small Northern CA town with almost more cows than people made living by the ocean feel pretty exotic for a while, but I've come to call Santa Cruz home and have developed a deep love for this area and all it has to offer.

Today, I can be found surfing on the east side of town, fishing for a quality halibut on my kayak , climbing at Pacific Edge, or taking pictures of stuff and things for fun. 

I like telling stories, and there's the short version of mine so far. I like to think I have a few decent ones from my adventures over the years, but I'll save those for another day. Maybe we can swap stories sometime! Ask me about the time I ran into a grizzly bear and we can go from there...

Hi! I'm Caleb.

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